Audi sales 1,44,650 cars globally

Audi experience positive sales in two countries; China and German at the start of new year. About 1,44,650 cars sold globally to the customers in January 2019. Worldwide sales descend by 3.0 percent due to sales decrease in European Market.

By achieving a 1.5 % sales growth in China, it receives 5.1 percent increase in China. Audi records highest sales in the History of China market with 64,000 units sold. The locally manufactured cars remain the tough contenders to drive the sale numbers. The Audi A3 and Audi A4 was demanded more than average. With 8,748 A3 and 16,668 A4 cars were sold out in January in the Chinese market. 2.693 customers opted the long version of the Q2, which was launched in November in China. Also the all new locally manufactured A6L manufactured in China has reached the dealerships. The premium service can also be used by customers in Xi’an and Chengdu.

The impact of limited portfolio due to the switch to new WLTP test cycle continues to affect the European sales. Year 2019 brought 8.5 percent decrease in cars compared to 2018. Till date Audi has homologated 129 engine and transmission variant according toWLTP, and is extending it further.

Major European markets such as UK went down by 27.5 %, Spanish market too decreased by 14.6 %. Whereas the German market raised by 1.5 percent along with 23,359 cars sold. In Russia the company benefited from the dynamic market and launch of QB with sales increase by 24 %.

In America, Audi experienced sales decrease by 1.8 percent with 14,253 models sold. The Government shutdown, transportation problems and the winter weather impacted the sales growth. The full sized models played important role in generating high growth. The Audi A6, A7 and A8 were the main players in this growth. Furthermore, the North America region proved 5.2 percent sales decrease.

Audi Global Sales January 2019

RegionJanuary 2019January 2018
United States14,25314,511

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