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When it comes to bikes, Yamaha is among the notable brands in the Indian market. Though its scooter didn’t receive the response similar to their bikes. Yamaha has previously launched the Ray Z, Alpha and back in 2015, Yamaha greeted the roads by the launch of Fascino. Fascino is an Italian word which definite charm and glamour.

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When it comes to styling, Yamaha never lets you down and really design eye catching vehicles. The Fascino seems nicely crafted with the urban looks. The Fascino presents a nice edgy and curvy appearance which indeed glances eye catching. Starting from the front end, it gets a nice eye-shaped headlamp mounted on the handle bar, which looks very proper. Just below it comes the front panel on which, you can notice the slotted grill with the top chrome slat holding Yamaha logo. What also looks great is the dual toned treatment tolerating matte-black shade. It also gets long indicators which also are visible from the side. On the top end the leaf shaped chrome mirrors in addition execute it a descent appeal.

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Having a look from the side, you can notice the chrome strip on the edge of the side panel under the seat. Also, the short side panel, which shows some part of the engine unit makes it look retro. The rail lamp gazes neat and mixes in the styling language and above it sits the Yamaha badge in chrome strip. Also, the grabrails on top of the rear panel gives a proper rear stance. Our test scooter was having a chrome guard which is an accessory.

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Cluster unit.

The cluster unit represents a similar shape to the headlamp with a silver border. It gets analog meters for speed and fuel gauge. All the scale is marked on a white ground surrounded by beige which gives a premium touch. It also comes with a small Yamaha logo and fascino badge in the cluster unit. Only two LEDs sits inside the cluster one for turn indicators and other for High beam. The switches feel nice and quality rich to use with those black treatment.

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Seating and Comfort.

The Fascino in the seating division too is meticulously designed and provides much better ergonomics. The handle bar is small and little bit lower placed than other scooters, which gives proper road judgement for the rider. The seats are well furbished, but the pillion seat fells small and thin. The shock absorbers are soft and hence it fells comfortable to ride. The foot pegs are placed forward, which sometimes strike the rider’s leg when are not fully retracted, but they are proper for long journey.

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The Fascino is powered by the Yamaha’s 113cc motor, which also power its siblings. This powertrain produces 7.1 HP @7500 rpm and 8.1 Nm of torque @5000 rpm. Now, when you start this motor, you can detect the loud sound on the scooter! Which impresses and also is not harsh. The NVH levels are adequately maintained. In the low end, the power delivery is proper also in the climbs. The engine endures more active in the mid-range, which just thrust it forward and feels enthusiastic. Somewhere revving in high-end torque makes you go down. But what I really liked is this motor has the punch in the punch in the low and mid-range. When revving it in cities, it manages the signal pickups very well and does not disturb the traffic flow.

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Riding Statistics.

While riding the Fascino feels like a compact scooter and enhances the feel of confidence. The Fascino provides a commanding position for the rider, thanks to the lower handle bar. The front telescopes are tuned on harder side, but still it does not feel bouncy. The rear spring is tuned proper and provides a definite balance. Turning in sharp corners also maintains the feel of stability. Even on high speeds, the Fascino is stable and plays well. The braking system is the point, where Yamaha should work on, I wish if it could receive a disc at the front. The rear brake works moderate to descend it.

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The Fascino does well in terms of design, It presents a retro and urban style which grabs attention. The overall fit finish and quality of the product too is good. The powertrain delivers the punch in the low and mid-range and grabs pace quickly. The riding too is comfortable and commanding. Overall the Fascino is a very good product and also priced aggressively.

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