Elite i20 Facelift Review– Strong Competitor. 

The Hyundai Elite i20 2018 seems like having minimum change to be the best in segment.

Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review.

It all started back in the year 2014 when the i20 transformed into Elite i20 and opened the doors of primness for a hatchback. People started loving it, as a result, it got sold in 10000 units in just a month. But all these continued for just a few months till the launch of Baleno. So, in order to raise the competition, Hyundai escorted the facelift of the elite i20 in the 2018 Auto Expo. Lot of crowd was seen at the Hyundai Elite i20 and people have stated liking the design. Having hands on the car I have created Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review. This facelifted car is going to make Hyundai a game changer in the competition.

Hyundai Elite i20 Review of Design Philosophy.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com


We were expecting the design of Elite i20 with a maximum amount of changes, but there’s nothing changed or something changed. At the front, the Grille gets more edgy and has a glossy Hexagonal texture. The headlamps are carried from the previous car which gets Projectors, LED DRLs and smoked out treatment. What can also be noticed is the black strip flowing from one headlamp to other and giving it the Elite i20 identity. Something changed is the fog lamp housing and now, it also gets Vents beside fog lamps. The Asta and Sports trim now gets DRL strips below the fog lamps. The split pattern of the Bumper also contributes in making the car look premium.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com

When viewed from the side it gazes similar to the previous model with those edgy graphics and sharp head and tail lamps striking from front and rear end. Noticeable change here are the 16” newly designed alloys. Floating roof effect looks more admiring as the C-panel is made glossier. Coming to the rear end, here’s what the change lies. The first thing noticeable is the new dual tone bumper similar to the Xcent. Also, Hyundai has made replaced the conventional tail lamps with the LED unit and the number plate now shifts up on the boot lid. Presently it still gets a single reverse lamp on the right side, I wish if it would also be offered on both sides. Overall picture of the car look Premium and sleek.


The interiors are continued with the Black and Beige pattern, which has received most likes to add a premium touch. In addition, Hyundai is also going to offer Black dashboard with Red, Blue or Orange inserts as an option. The cabin is made clever by addition of a new infotainment system which may look similar to the previous one, but has a lot more inside. Android Auto, Apple Car Play will be on offer and new Inbuilt Maps and Mirror link is going to make the system more user friendly. On offer there will also be a USB charging port and a normal port.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com

Technological change is also continued in the MID, now it had stopped bunking classes and accompanies fuel efficiency indicator which was absent in the previous model. The door ajar is also shown in a 3D layout like the once on the Verna. It now also display Distance to empty and lot more. The design of the cluster unit is same as the previous with the LCD placed between the Analog dials. The steering is leather to provide proper grip to hold and also receives the controls of Infotainment and MID cluster unit.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com

Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review of Seating and Comfort.

The Front seats are excellent in comfort with proper supports and feel appropriately cushioned to provide you absolute seating position. Moving towards the back benches, now it get armrest with cup holders. They provide a good amount of head room and knee room. The temperature is maintained by Automatic climate control with cluster ionizer which also filters odour inside your car whereas the rear in the top trim gets AC vents.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com

Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review of Storage.

It accompanies 289 liters of boot space. The boot looks well arranged, it on top gets a cooled glove box, armrest storage, and big door pockets.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review of Safety options.

Hyundai hasn’t compromised in safety. The upper trim gets six airbags whereas two airbags are kept the standard with superior build quality, ABS but forgets to give the EBD. In addition, the Autolink is been introduced in the Elite i20 2018 to connect the car with your smartphone. It helps to keep a watch on various activities of the car like rapid acceleration and braking, it also displays fuel efficiency and distance to empty on your mobile screen.

Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review of the 1.2 L Petrol – 5 speed Manual.

As it is a facelifted version, no changes are made to the Engines and continues to get the same previous engines. This is the motor powering the Elite i20 which develops 83 HP at 6000 rpm and 115 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. This motor is over smooth and can be said as purely refined as there is no engine noise entering the cabin. The transmission duty is handled by the 5-speed manual gear box with smooth shifts and short throws. Drivability is Descent for the city rides and manages to picks up pace quickly. Strong mid end is the plus factor and has the peppiness better than the low end.

Driving through the city don’t makes you feel tired, but once you are stable you need to shift in the first gear. The motor feels a bit lazy to pick up the car rapidly and introduces some amount of lag due to the bulky body. When revving on the highways, you need to downshift while the overtaking and grab the mid end torque. Power delivery is linear post 1500 rpm and continues all the way upto 3000 rpm. When making three digit speeds, post 110 kmph the engine starts screaming by touching 3500 rpm. The positive in the drive train is the clutch with very responsive character and also makes you shift quickly. The efficiency of the Engine is improved due to the air ducts provided beside the fog lamps and now it goes an extra kilometer in a liter.

Hyundai elite i20 2018 review motronz.com

Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review of Driving Statistics.

The drivability of the car is same as the previous one as there is no change to the platform. Tuning of the suspension matches the Indian road. The front Mc-Pherson unit damps well but the rear is a bit bouncy. Also cornering the car makes the rear passengers slide. Some amount of body roll can be felt because of the weight it possess. What I really liked is the positioning of the AC vents so that the ride remains undisturbed while operating it.

Similar to the other Hyundai’s it also gets an electrically operated power steering. This steering wheel feels too much light on slow speed and weighs up slowly while gaining speed. If you an enthusiast, I think you may not completely like the steering response of this car. Driving it on highways feels more comfortable but having a 5-speed gearbox produces engine noise at breakneck speeds. The previous model has the complaint about hard braking, but the problem is somewhat covered in this facelift. It continues to get front discs and rear drum brakes with ABS but misses out on the EBD. The brakes feel smooth to operate and provide proper bite to the wheel to descend.

Elite i20 2018 Review :- Conclusion.

The elite i20 found improved and feature loaded than before. The improved design makes an excellent sense of continuity. The premium interiors give a sedan feel with high level of quality. Refined Engines are fun to drive but most enjoyable part is the observed stability due to its bulk. It also secures increased safety and superior build helps you live longer. Overall considering the elite i20 2018 it doesn’t seems to attain fuel efficiency, but is high on comfort and all these above characteristics make it a strong contender in the segment.

Elite i20 Price.

Trim Petrol Diesel
Era 5.41 lakhs 6.79 lakhs
Magna 6.04 lakhs 7.37 lakhs
Sportz 6.65 lakhs 7.89 lakhs
Asta 7.17 lakhs 8.42 lakhs
Asta dualtone 7.43 lakhs 8.67 lakhs
Asta (O) 7.96 lakhs 9.21 lakhs
Magna AT 7.09 lakhs Not available
Asta AT 8.22 lakhs Not available

Note: – All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom.

Disclaimer: – Prices may vary from place to place.

A special thanks to Kanase Hyundai to offer the car for the Hyundai Elite i20 2018 Review.

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