Hyundai Verna Review – Redesigned with more Style and Power.

The Hyundai Verna reflects a best example of Style combined with Power.

Hyundai Verna Review.

Started as a Bold and Muscular Contour in the Previous Generation the Verna has changed as a premium beast. It was always a success for Hyundai but, the competition from City and Ciaz was overhauled. In 2017 the Verna received its 5th Generation. The new face started catching the attention and its bookings were set on fire. It also resembles game changer aspect to lead the competition. In addition, the all new third generation Hyundai Verna has got more mature and premium in terms of all aspects. Hyundai has really worked well when it comes to the mid size Sedan segment. All the detailing and polishing of the Verna seems to be done very creatively, so how the Verna is going to be we will be telling you through this Hyundai Verna Review.

Hyundai Verna Review of Design Philosophy.


hyundai verna Review

The Verna stands 4440 mm in length, 1729 mm in width and 1465 mm in height.

When it comes to styling, Hyundai is the one who never goes down. In terms of styling, the Verna matches with it’s Elder sibling the Elantra upto some extent. The all new Verna has updated itself so well with a proper mix of curvy and edgy design. Lots of changes are observed in the third generation Verna as compared to the previous model. When viewed from the front, the Verna looks more appealing and premium, thanks to the cascading grill with the chrome slats. Now, it also offers Projector headlamps with LED DRLs placed carefully in the new set of headlamp.

The side profile manages to look coupe inspired and the roof line flows undisturbed starting from the A-pillar upto the rear tip of the car. The 16″ new alloys also adds an eye catching texture. In addition it also gets chromed door handles and the side window also look well proportioned. The design factor I really liked is the rear end. All the uniqueness can be observed when it gets viewed from the rear. The designers have made it look more appealing by use of those LED taillamps with edgy style. The bumper in addition, looks SUV inspired by making use of dual tone treatment at the bottom. You can also notice the boot mounted number plate just below the Hyundai badge.

hyundai verna Review


hyundai verna Review

Not only the exterior but, the interior of the Hyundai Verna too presents a premium feel. The cabin is finished with dual tone shade of Black and Beige color combination. Further more, the most important need of entertainment is managed by the 7″ infotainment system. This system is equipped with Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Mirror link, Inbuilt maps. The infotainment also has connectivity with Bluetooth, USB and AUX. Overall quality of the infotainment feels decent and also the quality of fit and finish of the cabin is top notch.

Moving toward the MID cluster unit, I can say that the intelligence of driving the Hyundai Verna is right in front of you. It gets door ajar display on the center mounted screen placed in between the two analog dials. In addition, it also displays two trip meters, fuel efficiency, distance to empty and various indicators. The Hyundai Verna gets digital as well as analog display for the speed. What I really liked is that all the electronic instruments in the Cabin can be accessed by the Leather wrap steering.

Hyundai Verna Review of Seating and Comfort.

hyundai verna Review

To be noticed the Verna comes with first in class ventilated seats which is a plus point in the Indian summers. The Front seats get manual adjustment and the Driver seat is 6-way adjustable. Proper comfort for your lower back is maintained in addition, it also gets an armrest. The Automatic climate control AC also throws excellent air with cluster ionizer to remove odor. The electronic sunroof erects the cabin feel fresh and airy and also makes you enjoy talking with winds. Moving in the rear, the seats feel well cushioned but, you may encounter lack of space for your legs and also the view outside is limited. Also, the seats fail to offer headroom for the one who is taller than 6-feet. But, Hyundai has placed rear AC vents in order to maintain the comfort at rear.

hyundai verna Review

Hyundai Verna Review of Storage.

The Hyundai Verna comes with a smart and genuinely placed boot to occupy 480 liters of luggage. It also gets Air cooled glove box, armrest storage and large door bins.

Hyundai Verna Review of Safety.

It offers matchless build quality with 2 Airbags and EBS as standard. On the top trim, you also 6 Airbags, Hill assist, speed sensing door lock, impact sensing door unlock. Hyundai has featured a function named ‘Auto link’ which helps you monitor your car from your smart phone. This feature helps you get all the details of your car, such as rapid acceleration, rapid braking, fuel efficiency and lot more.

hyundai verna Review

Hyundai Verna Review of ‘A Drive with 1.6 L Diesel-6 speed Manual.’

In order to power the Verna, Hyundai has placed the same 1.6 L Diesel unit which seats under the hood of Creta, Elantra and the previous model. And yes its the one which has all the capability to grab on the lead in the competition with its rivals. This Engine manages to churn out 126 HP at 4000 rpm and 260 Nm of torque which is spread nicely in the range between 1500-3000 rpm. When you crank the motor, some noise peeks in if car is idle but once you get going, the noise vanishes. Some amount of Power lag can be felt below 1500 rpm but revving it post the limit, introduces the Punch and wakes up the motor.

The transmission unit in the Verna is as smooth as the engine. The clutch is smooth to operate, it has some amount of rubbery feel, but it does the job well. The 6-speed manual gearbox has short throws with proper gearing ratio. When you start driving, you may feel lot of power hidden in the 1st gear. Also, the car can pickup with the help of second gear on a flat road. As a result, driving it in city never lets down the enthusiasm.

When you are revving it on the Highways, you can feel the proper power outlet of the Verna. The motor gets active in the rev band of 1800-3000 rpm. Rapid Speeding or overtaking don’t let you feel the need of downshifting. Transmission does it duty correct in the top gear to keep the engine upto 1800rpm when the car is moving by 100 kmph. Also the redlining of the engine is observed at 4500 rpm, which makes to much space for exploring its limits.

Hyundai Verna Review of Driving Statistics.

hyundai verna Review

As the design carries the Elantra factors, the platform on which thr Verna is pinned is also taken from the Elantra. The Verna is a short and wide car with ground clearance of 165 mm. This term makes the Verna to avoid body roll. As mentioned above, the Verna is moved by the 16″ alloy wheels for the top trim to make it more ride friendly. The Verna feels more fun to drive and don’t even produces a drop of sweat of the driver.

The suspension duty is carried out by the front placed Mc-Pherson Struts and a Coupled Torsion beam at the rear. Tuning of the suspension is done proper than the previous model, as it is observed on each new product of the Hyundai. On low speeds, the bumps won’t get in, but big potholes can make the sounds peep into the cabin. Rear suspensions are also tuned decent and don’t introduce any vibration at the rear. Also, cornering the car isn’t any issue. If you are high on speed and occur with rough road, some amount of noise is felt inside the car but the ride is undisturbed.

Similar to the other Hyundai’s, the steering wheel of Verna is light on low speeds and weights up with speed. While turning the car on low speed, it feels buttery smooth but feels proper past 40 kmph. In terms of braking, the Hyundai Verna gets front discs and rear drum brakes. The braking system is also built with ABS and EBD. The bite of the brake is not felt when you press the pedal gently, but by pressing it some more, makes it descend quick. Also, braking it from high speed do not produce any tyre marks.

Hyundai Verna Review :- Conclusion.

hyundai verna Review

The Verna shows much improved aspects in all terms except rear passenger space. It now gets substantial, clever and goes with lots of top-notch features. The modernist and improved aesthetics render it more premium appeal. Lastly the 1.6 L power-trains contribute to head forward by getting help from the ultra-smooth gearbox. The cars feel completely proper to use and convey the surfers a distinct experience. It sounds value for money in the upper trims and can be an excellent choice.

Verna Price.

Trim Petrol Diesel
E 7.86 lakhs 9.56 lakhs
EX 9.16 lakhs 10.38 lakhs
SX 9.79 lakhs 11.48 lakhs
SX(O) 11.48 lakhs 12.82 lakhs
EX AT 10.62 lakhs 11.81 lakhs
SX(O) AT 12.62 lakhs 12.98 lakhs

Note: – All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom.

Disclaimer: – Prices may vary from place to place.

A Special Thanks to:- Kanase Hyundai for helping us to make the Hyundai Verna Review.

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