Tata Harrier Engine teased

February 2018 Auto-expo had a lot of throng for the Harrier. The Harrier will be a premium SUV which will be launched from Tata motors. Tata has started the promotions of the Harrier through lots of digital media. Recently, Tata has started teasing videos of the Harrier showing its capability. The video displays the Harrier doing shock test, water test in addition the road test of this vehicle has started long back. Moreover, the Harrier launching is to grab the likes of Jeep Compass, Hyundai Tuscon and XUV 500.

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Tata Harrier Engine Details.

Fiat sourced four cylinder 2.0 L Engine which powers the Jeep Compass is going to do the job under the hood of the Harrier. Tata hasn’t released the exact details of the power and torque figures, but it can make 140 Hp. 7-seater version has chances of launching with power figure of 170 HP. Chances arise of mating this motor with a six-speed Manual and automatic gearbox. Tata motors also comments, that this engine will feature an electronically controlled variable geometry Turbo charger, low friction train and EGR system. The engine has named Kryotec and is able to produce 300 Nm of torque. The Kryotec name has derived from the ‘cryogenic rocket engine’ which stands for power and reliability. The car has also made around 22 lakh kilometers on a harsh surface during its testing.

The engine is also going to get various drives mode and 4*4 will be on option. Super refinement of the engine will be observed, further the exhaust after treatment systems are tuned to deliver extremely low carbon footprint. Tata Motors claims that the engine has been bench marked against global standards of performance and refinement. According to Tata, the engine in collaboration with the Impact 2.0 design language and architecture.

Harrier launching date.

The Harrier is officially revealing at the end of 2018 and will be available to buy from 2019.

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