Tiago Review. – All about Practicality.

Tata Tiago is a Hatchback made practically for the Indian conditions and offers a lot more in the package.

Tata Tiago Review.

The Hatchback segment was started back in 1998 from Tata by its most known ‘Indica’. It proved success to Tata and some years later the Vista carried forward the legacy. Vista stated growing in private sector, which led the Indica to achieve hold in the corporate sector. After some years, Tata replaced Vista with Bolt. In 2016 Tiago was established to sit between Nano and Bolt. The design went popular throughout the market and also started to target buyers. We have tested the Petrol AMT version of the Tiago and the details will be given below in the Tata Tiago Review.

Tata Tiago Review of Design Philosophy.

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The Tiago completely receives lots of curves and brings a proper balanced and pleasant design. The car looks small and cute with the detailing observed on the body. The Front end gets a wide big grille with hexagonal mesh and gives the car a happy fascia. The smoked back headlamps look big and matches the grille without abruption. The front bumper gets a big black slat and huge round fog lamps located either side with chrome ascents. Also, the bonnet looks properly curved toward the nose with a wide appeal.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com

The side profile gets a proper flowing roof line and continues the balance of proportions. The windows suits the body and black treatment of B-pillar is observed. The window line flows parallel with the crease and the mirrors are provided with turn indicators. It gets 10 spoke alloy wheels which are creatively designed but don’t suit the car. Moving toward the rear, I really liked the way it is balanced. It gets C-shaped tail lamps and a spoiler styled roof at the back. Also, the rear windscreen is tapered in curved pattern. The bumper goes dual tone and has the housing for the number plate.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com


The Tiago offers black and orange treatment for an orange car and makes a sporty feel inside the cabin. Other colour options present white and black interior with chrome inserts to give a fresh and airy feel. All the components are genuinely placed and materials offered are good in quality with proper fit and finish. The cabin gets a black top and lower grey scheme and the infotainment is carefully placed in between the piano black surround with lots of knobs. It outputs through Harman powered Connect-next audio system with 4 speakers and 4 twitters and on top gets navigation maps displayed on the infotainment screen when connected to an Android device. The vehicle also gets a Juke-Car app to connect with the android phone via Bluetooth.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com

Use of Soft touch plastics includes a proper sense of premium appeal. The Steering gains control for the audio and is also proper to hold. The reverse parking sensors output is also reflected on the screen. The gear knob bushes out through the center console through the chrome base. Also the control for AC are placed on a black base below the infotainment and are smooth to operate. The cluster unit of the Tiago also comes with built-in Mileage display and distance to empty. It also shows running gear and shift indicator.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com

Tata Tiago Review of Seating and Comfort.

The cabin feels more practical and spacious. The driver seat is six-way adjustable with good supports and big bolsters. The door handles are also broad to provide you proper comfort and can be hold with ease. Rear seats also provide proper comfort for the lower back. There is ample of knee room but limited headroom for tall passengers. The Air conditioner offered is manual, it cools the car averagely.

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Tata Tiago Review of Storage.

Tiago offers well placed 242 liters of boot space. The cabin is designed more practically with cooled glove box and tab holder, some space above central AC vents, driver side storage below AC vents, cubby hole near the gear lever, cup holder beside handbrake and a ticket holder. It also gets front door pockets which can accommodate two half liter bottle and the rear one can hold 1-liter.

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In terms of safety, Tiago offers dual airbags, engine immobilizer, ABS, EBD and on top gets speed sensing door locks.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com

Tata Tiago Review of 1.2 L Petrol – 5-speed Automatic.

Tata has introduced all-new 1.2 L petrol unit also called as Revotron. It is a three-cylinder unit with four valves per cylinder. It develops 84 HP at 6000 rpm and 114 Nm of torque. The motor is quite punchy in low torques but raising above induces some vibration. Going up on speed may cause the performance to slow down and make it noisier. This is best-suited motor for the city drives, rushing on the highway doesn’t make a proper sense because once you are above 90 kmph you can hear engine screaming.

The AMT transmission is also well tuned for sleek shifts but sometimes gets confused. You also get manual mode for transmission as per your need. If you go rapid on the throttle, it may make you feel the jerk. Coming to manual mode from AMT feels much better to drive and has the enthusiastic feel. It also powers City and Sports mode for varying performance and manages to make out proper efficiency. The City mode performs on an average, get into the sports and feel the original engine power. The NVH are well maintained when the car is idle and the level rises post 90 kmph. Overall, the engine is best suited for city drives rather than highway. The AMT is not the best not the worst and stands on an average.

Tata Tiago Review motronz.com

Tata Tiago Review of Driving Statistics.

The Tiago offers a proper driving character. Tata has provided corner stability so you can hold proper control over corners but turning at high speed doesn’t make a precise sense. The suspensions are tuned a bit stiffer but play well on the potholes and speed breakers and over comfortable ride. Being high on speed and getting rough road don’t reduce the instability. Sitting at rear also doesn’t make you slide when the car is cornering.

The steering provides a good response and feels to play proper. Straight line stability is good and it achieves proper balance at high speeds. I liked the way it steers on the turns without losing the confidence. It also has a low body roll and provides a proper drivability. So, coming towards braking, it gets ABS and EBD, the brake pedal feels hard to push, but offers a descent bite to the wheel. If you go high on the pedal, it makes it stop very quickly and push you forward. I really liked the way it drives in a proper manner.

Tata Tiago Review :- Conclusion.

The Tiago has impressed us right from the Design and makes it a modern Tata product. Interiors are also properly planned with customization option and the cabin, in addition, stands well in terms of practicality. The newly developed engines are perfect for city use but won’t be suitable for high speeds. Proper driving dynamics also add an excellent sense for driving. Overall, the Tiago stands a proper product in value for money pack.

Tiago Price.

Trim Petrol Diesel
XE 4.09 4.8
XE(O) 4.32 5.03
XM 4.41 5.22
XM(O) 4.63 5.45
XT 4.72 5.54
XT(O) 4.95 5.77
XZ no alloy wheels 5.17 6
XZ with alloy wheels 5.29 6.12
XTA (AMT) 5.10 Not available
XZA (AMT) 5.70 Not available

Note: – All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom.

Disclaimer: – Prices may vary from place to place.

A special thanks to Bafna Motors for offering us the car for the Tata Tiago review.

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