Volkswagen may exit sub 4 meter sedan segment. Goodbye Ameo

When it comes to car buyers, their first preference will be the sub 4 meter sedan. The concept works amazing with some manufacturers but Volkswagen face low sales in this segment. The Ameo was a Polo based sedan launched back in June 2016. Being the rival of the MS Dzire, it was sure to have a huge competition. It also faced competition from the Honda Amaze, Hyundai Xcent, Tata Tigor and Ford Aspire. The main reason for discontinuing the Ameo is lack of sales.

Mr Gurpratap Boparai, Head, Volkswagen Group India, told Economic Times, “We will not do any products like the Ameo. The Sub-4 metre sedan is a very, very tricky product. It works only when the hatch that it’s based on is significantly below 4 metres (in length), otherwise the aesthetics of the car won’t work.”

Unlike other Volkswagen cars, which are designed around aesthetics, passenger comfort, usability, space, etc – the Ameo was designed around the sub 4 meter target. “Nobody makes a global car to fit a length,” said Mr Boparai. Though this may be the end of the road for sub 4 meter sedan from Volkswagen Group in India, they have not ruled out sub 4 meter hatchbacks and SUVs.

Views on Discontinuation

In total the sub 4 meter sedan segment sold around 4.4 Lakh units. Top of the list came the MS Dzire followed by Honda Amaze, Hyundai Xcent, Tata Tigor, Ford Aspire where as Ameo was least seller and stand at 6th position. In 2017 when the sub 4 meter segment raised sales by 17%, VW Ameo gathered around 10,449 sales number. Compared to the sales in 2017, Volkswagen suffered 40% decrease in sales. Whereas the year 2018 too didn’t brought luck for the Ameo and was sold out with only 840 units a month.

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